*SOLD* Franklin Mint Framed Colt Bowie Knife *COLLECTIBLE COLT DISPLAY*

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  • Franklin Mint Framed Colt Bowie Knife *COLLECTIBLE COLT DISPLAY*
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  • Franklin Mint Framed Colt Bowie Knife *COLLECTIBLE COLT DISPLAY*
  • Franklin Mint Framed Colt Bowie Knife *COLLECTIBLE COLT DISPLAY*



Item Description

Bryant Ridge Auction Company is pleased to present this collectible framed Colt Bowie Knife today for a penny-start auction!

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This 13" Franklin Mint framed Colt Bowie Knife features an 8" blade (1.5/8" at widest point), a beautifully engraved Colt logo below the false edge,  faux mother of pearl, and the Rampant Colt logo on the handle. The Franklin Mint display board has approximately 9"x 16" x 1" dimensions and features an embossed leather background. This knife would make an excellent display piece for any Colt or knife collector!


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We gladly offer a 3-day unfired inspection policy from the time that the item is delivered. Refunds are available for all qualifying orders.


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We gladly offer a 3 day unfired inspection policy from the time that the firearm is delivered to your FFL. Refunds are available for all qualifying orders. 


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