*SOLD* 1876 Öesterr. Waffeb. Ges. (Steyr) Model 1871 Blued 20.5" *FIRST MAUSER*

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  • 1876 Öesterr. Waffeb. Ges. (Steyr) Model 1871 Blued 20.5" *FIRST MAUSER*
  • 1876 Öesterr. Waffeb. Ges. (Steyr) Model 1871 Blued 20.5" *FIRST MAUSER*
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Item Description

Bryant Ridge Auction Company is pleased to present this antique bolt action rifle today for a penny start auction, this is the Model 1871 Mauser!

Manufacturer: Öesterr. Waffeb. Ges. (Steyr)
Model: Model 1871 
Serial: 1488D
Date of Manufacture: 1876
Caliber: 11.15x60R (aka .43 Mauser)
Finish: Blue
Barrel Length: 20.5"
Optics/Sights: Protected Front and Adjustable Elevation Rear
Stock/Grips: Smooth wood Stock
Action: Bolt
Markings: Standard / matching serial numbers  

Bryant Ridge's Analysis:

The I.G. (Infanterie-Gewehr) Mod. 71 Mauser was the first of what would become literally millions of rifles manufactured to the design of the brothers Paul and Wilhelm Mauser, and the first regulation brass cartridge rifle of the German Imperial Army.   Almost every good original feature of the metallic cartridge turning bolt action rifle design was the work of design genius Peter Paul Mauser who systematically developed his basic design over an extended period of time.  While the M1871 was loosely based on the bolt action of the Dreyse, its own design was innovative and one of the first successful metallic cartridge, bolt action rifles.

   As early as 1867 the Mauser brothers, Peter Paul and Wilhelm Mauser, began working in association with Samuel Norris, the Remington importer for Europe, on the design of a bolt action single-shot rifle for use with a metallic cartridge.  The impetus for accelerating development, however, was Prussia’s experience in the Franco-Prussian war in which for the first time Prussia went up against rifles far superior to their Dreyse, including the at the time excellent French Chassepot and the even better various metallic cartridge rifles imported from the United States by the French Nationalists during the war including especially the M1867 Peabodys and the M1868 Egyptian Remingtons.

  During 1870-71, Germany extensively tested many different rifles, with the M1869 Bavarian Werder being the Mauser’s chief competitor. The Mauser was provisionally adopted at the end of 1871 pending the development of an appropriate safety.  The now universally recognized "wing" type safety lever on the back of the bolt was developed to fill this requirement and the Mod.71 Mauser was officially adopted by Germany (principally Prussia, the leading German state at the time) in February 1872.  This adoption, however, excluded Bavaria which had already adopted the M1869 Werder.

   After the Prussian adoption of the Mauser M71 and its superior M71 .43 Mauser (11.15X60R) cartridge, for both better performance and for logistical simplicity Bavaria re-chamberd its Werders to accept the Mauser ammunition.  And from 1877, M71 Mauser rifles were also manufactured in Amberg (Bavaria) after conversions of the Bavarian Werders to the M1871 standard were completed.  Eventually Bavaria outright replaced its Werder rifles with the M71 Mausers for its front-line infantry, relegating the Werders to rear-echelon troops and to reserve.

  The Österreichischen Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft in Steyr, Austria (Austrian Arms Factory Society OEWG, which also produced the M1867 Austrian Werndl and would become simply Steyr) produced some 350,000 for Prussia and 125,000 for Saxony between 1873 and 1878.   The M71s built by OEWG are marked on the top chamber flat Öesterr. Waffeb. Ges. and the king’s cypher, a crown over the initials “FW” on the left chamber flat. 

In August of 1876 the Karabiner M1871 approved for production to be issued to dragoons, hussars and lancers.  Prior to this time the Germans had adapted some of the large numbers of captured French Chassepot rifles acquired by the Prussians in the Franco-Prussian War which they had shortened into carbines altered to fire self-contained metallic cartridges (the alteration for metallic cartridge closely matching that of the French M1874 Gras rifles).

  The new Mauser-designed carbine had a single spring-retained barrel band; a full-length stock terminating in a nose cap just shy of the muzzle.  Its action had a turned-down bolt handle; and it was fitted with a typically small rear sight.  Sling swivels were mounted under its barrel band and near the foot of the butt.  Some versions have a unique sling ring beneath the barrel band rather than a more rectangular strap-type sling swivel.  The M1871 carbine has no integral cleaning rod

  Prussian carbines were made in Steyr and, independent of the Productionsgenossenschaft, the firm of Spangenberg & Sons in Suhl also produced carbines.  Carbines for Württemberg came directly from Mauser.  No bayonets were produced for use with the carbine K Mod.71.

Condition and Contents:
As you can see in the many high resolution photos, this Mauser is in great condition showing much less than average evidence of use or handling that we can see! It also has all matching numbers!

Return Policy:
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Return Policy

We gladly offer a 3 day unfired inspection policy from the time that the firearm is delivered to your FFL. Refunds are available for all qualifying orders. 


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