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*SOLD* Dakota Arms Classic 76 Takedown Left Hand 270WSM 300WSM *SIMPLY EXCELLENT*

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  • Dakota Arms Classic 76 Takedown Left Hand 270WSM 300WSM *SIMPLY EXCELLENT*
  • Dakota Arms Classic 76 Takedown Left Hand 270WSM 300WSM *SIMPLY EXCELLENT*
  • Dakota Arms Classic 76 Takedown Left Hand 270WSM 300WSM *SIMPLY EXCELLENT*
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Item Description

Bryant Ridge Auction Company is pleased to present this incredible feat of gunsmithing, engineering, machining, and art, the Dakota Arms Classic 76 takedown (left handed model) in 270 WSM and 300 WSM today for a penny start auction.

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Manufacturer: Dakota Arms
Model: Classic 76 Takedown
Serial: TDC0028L
Caliber: 270 WSM, 300 WSM
Finish: Parkerized
Barrel Length: 23.5", 23.5"
Optics/Sights: Swarovski Habicht 4-16x50
Stock/Grips: Premium Checkered Bastogne Walnut
Action: Bolt-Action
Markings: Standard

Bryant Ridge's Analysis:
In 1986, gunsmith Don Allen and machinist Pete Grisel joined forces to develop a hunting rifle that combined the reliability of a controlled-round-feed design with luxury accoutrements that, until then, were largely reserved for the most expensive bolt actions from Europe's storied gun makers. This new rifle would borrow the same basic design element that made the Mauser 98 and, later, the Winchester Model 70, famous: a full-length claw extractor that bites the rim of the cartridge while feeding and retains its hold on the rim throughout the firing, extraction and ejection processes.  This design assures the cartridge will cycle properly because the claw extractor secures the cartridge throughout the entire firing sequence. Many hunters, particularly those who hunted dangerous game, wanted this level of insurance, and in 1986 it was hard to find an American rifle other than the Ruger 77 employing controlled-round feed. Winchester's Model 70, which until 1963 used the system, had dropped the full-length claw extractor in favor of a more economical push-feed design.

Allen and Grisel understood the value of controlled-round-feed rifles, and they knew hunters wanted an American-made bolt gun using the system. These hunters found what they had been looking for in Allen and Grisel's new design, the Dakota Model 76.

From the outset, Dakota rifles were built with excellent stocks from walnut blanks varying from very good to drool-worthy. The 76 features an action that looks very much like the early Model 70 design with several mechanical improvements. Unlike the original Model 70's open-cone breech, which did not fully support the case head, the Dakota bolt has a steel collet extending beyond the bolt face and locking lugs to fully surround the case head — supporting the case head in the event of a rupture. The design allows for the claw extractor system and provides an extra level of protection similar to push-feed designs.

In addition, the claw extractor on the Model 76 is wider than the Model 70 at 0.385 inches, allowing for even more bite on the surface of the rim. The 76 uses a spring-mounted ejector that protrudes from the receiver to provide positive ejection when the bolt is pulled fully to the rear, and spent casings strike the ejector blade and are sent spinning into the air with authority. Sliding the bolt forward picks up another cartridge from the magazine, the big claw bites the rim, and the process repeats.

Dakota, which is now part of the Remington Outdoor Company (Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, Nesika, DPMS and other brands), has upgraded its factory to include the latest wire EDM and CNC machining technology. At the heart of the company, though, are the skilled gun makers who put tremendous time and effort into each rifle that comes out of its Sturgis, South Dakota, facility. Current models include the Classic, Alpine, African, Safari, PH and Traveler, among others.

Of all Don Allen's innovative design features, perhaps the most groundbreaking is his takedown rifle, the Dakota 76 Traveler, in which the barrel and fore-end can be removed with one full turn of an Allen-head "tightening" screw on the right side of the stock. Once the screw is loosened, the barrel and fore-end assembly is pulled straight forward from a sleeve in the receiver.

This work of art comes encased in a Pelican 1700 case, with both barrels, bolt, and allen keys set into their respective pockets.

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Return Policy

We gladly offer a 3 day unfired inspection policy from the time that the firearm is delivered to your FFL. Refunds are available for all qualifying orders. 


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